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Take that Step...

Have you ever had an urge to do something so totally outside of your character that you immediately dismissed only for it to re-emerge again stronger.... so you try to push it out of your mind again until you can no longer ignore it? 

The thought persists so strongly that it is now all that you can think about.  Sometimes God or The Universe or whatever you call your higher power speaks to you in such a way. Pressing you to step out in faith and believe that there is something truly magnificent waiting in the wings for you but you Have. To. Take. That. Step...

You have got to step out in faith. While there is comfort in familiarity often the greatest rewards are those waiting for you when you take a chance and take that step. That could mean leaving a stagnant relationship, a job you’ve been employed at for years or even leaving the familiar surroundings of the childhood home for a new location and environment. 

When the whispers become undeniable screams for change Sis sometimes you just have to listen 

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