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Ni'Kita Wilson


Two decades.  That's how long Ni’Kita has been developing beauty products for other brands.  Her love for chemistry started young as she mixed up various plastic-melting concoctions at the age of eight.  With education and experience, Ni’Kita is now an award-winning renowned cosmetic chemist who has been featured in magazines, videos and network television.

Ni’Kita is considered the “go-to” source for beauty editors and writers researching trends, ingredients and beauty formulations and is known for being a top innovator in beauty.

Tired of the BS, Ni’Kita is following her heart to create an effective premium yet accessible beauty brand that puts Black women first. A brand that unapologetically celebrates our allure, strength and resolve while catering to the total woman to help us all live our best lives! 

Na'Kisha Durham

VP of Consumer Relations

Na’Kisha loves everything beauty; out of the two sisters, Na’Kisha was the one playing in their mother’s makeup! Although not classically trained, she is known to blend her own products that from lip color to body mists that has people stopping her in the street to ask what she’s wearing.  

She is a loving mother of three sons, a daughter, a sister and a fantastic friend- people are drawn to her magnetic personality and natural ability to make them feel special.   

With a career dedicated to customer service, Na’Kisha strives to provide the best experience to make everyone feel valued and respected.  She carries the vision to see a wave of love, acceptance and respect for Black women in the beauty industry and is committed to making this happen through Ni’Kita Wilson Beauty Chemist.

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