The Process is Easy!

1) Submit your ideas*

2) Become a part of the creative process

3) Prepare for the launch

4) Get paid

We don't profess to know it all!  


We know that some of you brilliant women have ideas from your personal experiences that can truly benefit the rest of us. 


If that's you then submit it here to see how many women, who share similar concerns, need that product in their lives too.


If enough women connect to your idea then we'll head into development for launch!*  


You'll become our Innovation partner where you'll be a part of the creative process. 


Oh and the best part is that you'll get a commission on your original idea for as long as it's available (get money).


Let the ideas flow and get this money while helping other women in the process!


Visit our FAQ for more info.



*idea has to pass the validation process in order to launch

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