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A letter for letting go...

Dear _________,

I want to thank you...  thank you for being the catalyst for my change. Thank you for forcing me to grow. Thank you for treating me like crap and making me so uncomfortable that I had no choice but to grind and come up because I no longer wanted to have to depend on you for anything. 

Thank you for being all of the a**hole you could be. Such an a**hole that your stench woke me up and allowed me to see you for who you really are... and while I can’t stand the sight of you nor can I even believe that I ever had any fond feelings for you at all- I wish you well. 

Sis, insert the name of whoever did you wrong and left you wounded in the blank space of the letter above. There is power in letting go and an even GREATER power in the lessons your wrongdoers and haters have taught you.  

You did it! You survived... stronger and better than ever!  

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