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  • Saturate your hair from root to tip with Replenish Creme Oil for Hair and Body

    • Wear a plastic cap for less mess and better penetration​.

  • Leave on for at least one hour but ideally a pre-poo works best when left on overnight for better penetration.

    • Use heat if using for less than one hour.

  • Rinse then wash hair with your favorite moisturizing cleanser.

Why trust Replenish Creme Oil for Hair & Body as your Pre-Poo Treatment?

Great pre-poo treatments generally contain oils and humectants (ingredients that grab and hold onto moisture). Replenish Creme Oil for Hair & Body is an H2O-Oil meaning it contains the best of oil-based and water-based ingredients.  


 It’s a carefully balanced blend of oils (Shea, abyssianian, soybean just to name a few) and humectants (aloe, trehalose) to draw in moisture then lock it in place.  All of these good ingredients work together to help your hair hold onto moisture  longer and prevent your hair from becoming squeaky clean (aka stripped). 

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