Why Every Black Woman Should Have Vitamin C in their Routine

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Even skin. Smooth skin. Firm skin. Soft skin.

Isn’t that what we strive for everyday when we repeat our skin care routine everyday? Some lucky ones can just splash water on their faces and have flawless skin but that is far from my story. If I just splash water on my face after one week all hell will break out in the form of white heads, black heads, red heads (ok, that’s not the real name but you see where I’m going). Your situation may not be the same as mine but you have a skin story none-the-less.

Enter Vitamin C, L-Ascorbic Acid to be exact (there are other forms out there but this is the platinum model). I’m not saying that it’s a miracle ingredient but it’s not too far from it. The benefits are endless on its own and when mixed with other ingredients- listen, it is as close to the perfect skin care ingredient than any other. Here’s why.

Vitamin C, the antioxidant. Without getting all deep into it, Vitamin C not only protects our skin but helps it to naturally repair itself. Want to prolong your youthful looking skin where people can’t tell if you’re the mother or the daughter? Want to keep getting carded well into your 40’s? Vitamin C can help do that for you.

Vitamin C, the regulator. Whether it’s for maintenance to keep your skin even or if dark spots is a serious problem for you, vitamin C should be the baseline for all of your skin evening needs. We do love our melanin but when skin is traumatized in any way, from acne scars to sun exposure, melanin production goes into overdrive leaving patches of dark spots in its path. Vitamin C steps in to slow that process down and regulates the color. In fact, thanks to the antioxidant and melanin control, with regular use vitamin C can help prevent dark marks from forming in the first place.

Vitamin C, the firmer. If I said it once, I’ll say it a thousand times. Black may not crack but it sure does sag. As we get up there in age, the elastin in our skin doesn’t have the same snap-back it once had especially around the jowl-line or between the nose and lips known as smile lines (for some, they are nothing to smile about). But that’s ok, vitamin C is there to get that skin tight. Stimulating the creation of key proteins that make strong elastin and collagen- skin is firmer, tighter and smoother.

Vitamin C, the exfoliator. Remember way at the beginning of this I said that the vitamin C that we’re talking about is L-ascorbic acid? The keyword here is acid- this form of vitamin C is a weak acid that gently exfoliates the skin improving the texture for smooth and soft skin.

This one ingredient does enough to stand on its own but Ni’Kita Wilson Beauty Chemist wouldn’t leave it there. Our Vitality Pure Vitamin C Booster contains 94% pure L-ascorbic acid elevated further with supporting ingredients to take your skin care game to the next level.

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