The Science of Ash: Knowing is half the battle to kissing ash goodbye

If you are Black then you are all too familiar with ashy skin. Those of us living where cold weather hits hard, we are already bracing ourselves for what’s about to happen. You know what’s coming… the flaky skin, the ashy skin, the itchy skin… Whipping harsh winds, low humidity and frigid temperatures strip away our skin’s natural lipid layer that would normally prevent it from drying out. And while all ethnicities experience some level of ashiness, we definitely get it the worst thanks to key skin differences. Here’s the blessing though, science has identified the causes and with that knowledge comes the power to conquer ash and save our skin!

Here’s how it’s all supposed to go down. Moisture within the skin flows to the top and keeps the surface layer of skin cells well hydrated. These swollen cells stay nice and plump with water because the lipid layer serves as a cap for the skin creating a barrier that seals moisture inside. The result is soft, smooth and even textured skin.

The content in the lipid layer is made up of protective oils, fats, and waxy chemicals. One of the most important kind of lipids is ceramides and guess what? Black skin naturally produces less ceramides while having a thicker layer surface skin cells than other groups. Our lipid layer is automatically weaker allowing more water to leave the skin. The surface skin cells are dehydrated and scaly appearing to us as… you guessed it- ashy skin!

That’s ok though. Here are some tips to help you kiss that ash goodbye!

1) Exfoliate- Those surface cells need a little help letting go. Exfoliation on a regular basis can help remove the old surface cells making room for fresher better hydrated ones to take their place.

2) Warm Showers- Hot showers pull moisture out of the skin leaving your cells depleted; cut down the heat to cut down the ash.

3) Restock- Add back key lipids to the skin to improve barrier function to prevent moisture loss.

4) Humectants- Give your skin a boost and provide other ways to keep the surface cells nice and plump with ingredients that pull moisture from the environment onto the skin.

Replenish Crème Oil for Hair & Body has its name for a reason! And now that Replenish has ceramides, it is a complete treatment to keep ash down! Get your bottle today!

Replenish Creme Oil for Hair & Body

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