CBD in Beauty: We Answer What It Is, What It Does and Why We Want It

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

I know you see it everywhere, cannabidiol, better known as CBD, products from edibles to body creams. There's a lot of confusion surrounding CBD so we thought that we would break it down for you!

Let's start by establishing that the CBD used in beauty should be derived from hemp- not marijuana. Hemp (cannabis sativa) is a plant in the cannabis family with less than 0.3% THC- that's a major difference between hemp and its more infamous cousin cannabis indica/marijuana or as we'll be calling it- weed. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive that gives you the feeling of euphoria, intoxication or straight-up crazy depending on how you react to it. CBD on the other hand doesn't have that kind of power.

FYI, Hemp was only deregulated as a controlled substance within the last year. Before that, it was in the same category as weed even though it doesn't have mind or mood altering activities. It was guilty by association but now products with hemp-based CBD can be sold from state-to-state while weed-based CBD is still under tight control even if it is legal in some states.

What hemp-derived CBD can do for you is help your skin in a whole lot of ways (this post will only be referring to the oil form of CBD). CBD contain speciality chemicals called terpenes, organic compounds that give the plants their odor but also protects them from insects that would otherwise destroy them. In the human body, these terpenes can help promote skin healing from conditions like eczema and severely cracked/dry skin. Rejuvenation from acne scarring and protection from outside elements that weaken the skin barrier.

For those who have oily acne-prone skin, CBD helps slow down the production of excess oil meaning that we can look less like oil slicks and prevent new breakouts from occurring. If you aren't concerned about fine lines and wrinkles then CBDs ability to smooth these out won't excite you. Black don't crack but it can sag and CBD can help keep it tight and bright.

There are plenty of skin benefits from CBD and if the goal is to just have healthy, beautiful skin then CBD is worth looking into for your skin care regiment.

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