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Replenish for hair and body- WHAT MAKES IT DIFFERENT?

How many of you still have absolutely no idea of what Replenish Creme Oil is or why you need this product in your life?  It's just another oil right?  Who needs another oil especially if I can make up one myself?  If that's what you're thinking than we haven't done our job of getting the message across-- I'll own that.  All I ask now is for a few moments of your time to break it down.  Can you give me that?

Replenish is not just another oil-- it's more of a H2O-oil, our answer to a better performing, longer-lasting natural oil based moisturizer.  Oils on their own are not hydrating moisturizers.  They help the skin maintain what moisture is already there or can help repair the skin barrier to allow it to retain moisture.  If your skin is still damp from a shower then an oil can help seal some of that moisture to help your skin stay hydrated longer.  If your skin is bone-dry then it will stay bone-dry but it'll have one hell of a glow from the oils!  Or if your skin barrier is compromised then adding certain natural oils can help replenish some of the compounds native to your skin to help it heal which seals the gaps to allow the moisture to remain inside.

In comes Replenish Creme Oil with it's H2O-oil technology that includes two phases. One a blend of natural oils and emollients that do all of the wonderful things to the skin that we just spoke of, sealing-in moisture and repairing the skin barrier.  Our oil phase is nice on it's own and you could definitely feel the difference in softness on you body and hair.  Ingredients like coconut fruit extract, squalane, soybean oil, abyssinian oil and radish seed extract (and that's not even everything) are proven to have benefits on both hair and skin that will make you just want to swim in this stuff.


Now add the H2O phase that contains humectants (water-binding ingredients) like sodium hyaluronate (commonly known as hyaluronic acid), trehalose (sugar-based humectant) and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract (just to name a few) then you have a moisture-rich product that supplies it's own hydration source for instant and long-term benefits.  That, my friend, is not just another oil by any means.

That's cute and all, so now what?  Oh sis, the possibilities are endless!  Use Replenish Creme Oil where you would use a traditional oil and see the difference.  Create a beautiful twist out using just Replenish and a Leave-In.  Concerned about putting this on dry hair- don't be.  We optimized the ratio to where the humectant phase will add moisture without causing frizz or reversion!  We've had people tell us that they used Replenish as a shaving oil, a massage oil (took it to the salon and had the nail tech use it during their pedicure), scalp massage oil, detangling aid; men have used it to help keep their waves flowing, boosting moisture level of their body creams... the list goes on.  Now the question is how are you going to use Replenish Creme Oil?  

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