Frequently asked questions

I have spent a lot of money on products that are sitting around collecting dust. How do I know that this won't happen with Replenish Creme Oil?

I'm glad that you asked! If you are afraid that Replenish for Hair and Body will be a waste of your hard-earned money, let me set your mind at ease. You will empty this bottle before you know it! Not to say that Replenish can do all things but it can do a lot. To guide you on all the ways to use Replenish for Hair and Body, we put together a list of tried and true ways that it can add to your life! Ways to Replenish

Are your products all natural?

As a chemist, I believe in using safe synthetic ingredients to make the best products. I bring together the best ingredients that science and nature have to offer to develop the most effective products.

Are your products "clean" and free of toxic ingredients"?

Let me put your mind at ease, I wouldn't put my daughters, mom, sisters and cousins in harms way and I wouldn't do you like that either! I have to say that I don't like using words like "toxic". Too many brands throw around that word to scare consumers into buying their products. Do we stay away from ingredients that we know can be harmful? Yes. Do we strive to balance our formulas to be good for your body and your skin? Absolutely yes. Do we want to offer you products that you can use and know that while they are making you feel and look good on the outside that they are having the same effect on the inside? Oh hell yes. That is my Beauty Chemist Guarantee. We are here to help you live your best life and that starts with selecting the best ingredients that are proven effective and safe.

What happens to my idea after I submit it?

Every submission will go through the same evaluation process where we'll look at a few key areas: 1. Does this product already exist? - We'll do a complete market analysis to see if a similar product is already available. - As a brand, we do not want to create me-too products. If we find a similar product then one of two things will happen... 1) The innovator and NWBC team will test out the product to see if we can make a significant improvement to the product 2) If the existing product is already amazing then there is no need for us to reinvent the wheel! 2. Can it be made/manufactured? - Sometimes a product doesn't exist because there isn't a way to effectively mass produce it or it's not scientifically sound. We'll do a thorough review of the submission and determine if it can be done. 4. How much will it cost to bring to market? - We believe in using the best ingredients to create our products. Performance and safety reign supreme so penny-pinching is not an option. We will absorb all costs for development, testing, marketing, manufacturing-- basically all costs associated with bringing a new product to market.

If my product idea is selected to bring to market, who owns it?

If your product idea actually launches, it will be owned by Ni'Kita Wilson Beauty Chemist however, you will receive a commission on the product as long as the original version is available for purchase