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We are many things to so many people: mothers, providers, lovers, daughters, sisters, friends, teachers, wives, chefs, chauffeurs, nurses, confidants, caregivers, sounding boards, prayer partners, nation builders... 

We find ourselves in management roles twenty-four seven, especially for moms and caregivers. The cycle is endless and we are expected to it keep moving; no sick days, no personal days, "me time" doesn't exist. 

But we take it in stride; no complaining because, at the end of the day, it all still has to get done. Every once in a while we'll call our sisters or girls to vent before our heads explode like a pressure cooker but then it’s back to business. 
The children must be fed,  homework done - ours and theirs; kids bathed and put to bed. The house must be cleaned and bills paid. Our partners must feel valued, boss' kept happy and co-workers content.  Through it all we try to keep our sanity because it's on our shoulders. On top of it all, people are copping our style without even acknowledging the originators (you know what I'm saying).

Ni'Kita Wilson Beauty Chemist is a beauty brand that celebrates the allure, strength and resolve of Today's Black Woman while catering to our needs, never letting us forget how dope we are.  We create contemporary, effective beauty products merging the finest ingredients that science and nature have to offer. 


As Black women continue to ascend to the top Ni'Kita Wilson Beauty Chemist will be right there providing the best products to the ones who deserve it most.  

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